Lighting Solutions for the Hospitality Industry

Professional Design Solutions

Lightman LED lamps are designed with the needs of hotels, restaurants and catering services in mind. We produce elegantly styled, durable and highly functional table lamps that are cable-free, theft proof (optional) and have extended battery life while offering a charging option for mobile devices. Lightman LED lamps are remote-controlled by the venue for easy operation, indicate when they need re-charging, and offer a waiter call feature that enhances service and guest ratings.

Intimate light settings

Above all, our lamps do so much more than provide lighting – they help to enhance your décor and create an intimate ambience, while providing adjustable lighting to meet every need.

Part of your Service and Revenue Growth

Apart from adding to the style and atmosphere of your establishment, Lightman LED lamps stimulate business through a waiter call system that improves service, reduces waiting times and lost sales, and enhances your guests’ experience – resulting in higher spend and more positive reviews online. Train your staff to work in sync with the system and the waiter service will be smoother, timing more efficient and they will be better able to upsell to satisfied customers. Just selling an additional cup of coffee per lamp/per week will amortise it quickly and return you to clear profit thereafter .

25 lamps stored 40x38x70 cm

Restaurants often lack storage space and a safe way to collect and distribute lamps. Lightman LEDs stackable protective storage trays come with built-in placements for charging wires, which are prewired for easy and efficient charging. You can safely store 25 lamps in as little as 40 x 38 x 70 cm, saving space during charging and off season as well as providing a secure way to collect the lamps and redistribute after charging.

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